Ain’t It Fun!

We may feel different emotions like happiness, sadness, contentment, disappointment, joy, sorrow among others in everyday of our lives. And that’s pretty normal, in an ideal world it will be just the happiness, contentment, joy but yes, that’s just an ideal world and far from reality.

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Turn your disappointment in to something good.


We all hate the feeling of disappointment. It comes in many different ways but for sure we all hate it. You may be disappointed with the institution you are in to, with the government, with your friends but the worst is when you are disappointed with yourself.

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The roller coaster ride of life :)

Down but not done.” An inspiring message from my favorite priest.

Life is comparable to a roller coaster ride.
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wù jí bì fân

Im a good person but not totally good. I may be bad but not totally bad. Im wise and I always wanted to be wise. I believe that life is about combinations, life is about mixing the right attitudes that can lead you to your goal, to happiness or to somewhere better.
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THE KOMISYON sa Wikang Filipino or KWF wants the name Pilipinas changed to Filipinas to promote the official and modern name of the country. The KWF suggests that the name ‘Pilipinas’ on letterheads, stamps, and notepads be replaced with ‘Filipinas.’ I am not that familiar with the mandate of the KWF but this has to be asked: Anong problema n’yo?

Oh, here’s another phone-in question: Wala kayong magawa?

The great Virgilio Almario, KWF Chairman was also quoted to have said, “Unang dapat burahin ang ‘Philippines.’ Tatak ito ng patuloy na pag-iral sa ating utak ng pananakop ng mga Amerikano.” If we follow this ridiculous suggestion, the University of the Philippines will become University of Filipinas. How do we cheer then for the Fighting Maroons? UF Fight! Ang lavo!

Ang UAAP magiging UAAF
Malaking froblema!

Kahit itanong n’yo pa kay Tourism Secretary Mon Jimenez…
Ang “It’s more fun in Filipinas!” –…

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have to keep yourself going, ONE STEP AT A TIME.

November last year, I published a blog about the rough and tough road ahead of me, inspired by my personal feeling that time…the feeling of being tired and worried.  That time I’m 3 tiring semesters away from being a professional and young economist. Right now? I’m 2 semesters away, I’m on the last year of my tiring but happy college life. I was able to recollect myself and with all confidence put a lot of efforts to be successful. I passed the previous semester with a highly satisfactory grade. I admit that for me I can get a grade higher than what I got but still I’m happy with that, I’m just too blessed to ask for more. Now my focus is on this semester, just 2 weeks after this semester started I can feel now too much stress. Well no one said that this is gonna be easy, now I got to recollect myself again, I need to find ways to keep myself going…physically,mentally,emotionally and spiritually.

Now whats the purpose of this blog? Hmmm, I think I’m doing this post to start my recollection process and to help others who are struggling as well.

Two semesters left, probably the biggest(hardest) semesters of my college life. Individual(hoping against all hope that this individual thing is not true though) thesis, OJT as well as tough economics subjects waiting for me. (Not sure if you can relate with me but believe me, it’s going to be tough.)

A young professional economist-to-be. yeahh cool. 😀 I’m excited but like what I have said my focus is on this semester. I need to keep myself going first, I need to work hard for this one.

Now enough with all my dramas, time to motivate myself and probably inspire my readers.

Looking on the challenges ahead of me gives me too much stress and a little fear (which is bad). With so much stress I’ve decided not to look on those challenges, rather I decided to take one step at a time. Why? Well because there are things you think you can’t do and if you see those things ahead you’ll get too much stressed. Those things might bother you but believe me, you wouldn’t now unless you try and when you try you must be confident that you can succeed. There are things from my past that I thought I can’t achieve but I’m wrong, I tried and I achieved. It’s right to have a plan but the focus must be on what’s going on right now rather than what is waiting for you.

Here’s another reason, one thing I learned from the mass I attended earlier.

“Don’t let your past hunt you and don’t focus on your future. Focus on today, appreciate everyday because everyday is a blessing from God, everyday is an opportunity to repent, believe and to help others. Focus on today.

That’s another reason, by looking on our future we might fail to appreciate what we have today, we might fail to do things that we have to do today because our focus is on the future and we are too busy preparing for it to come.

Last reason is a simple reason given by my own faith. There are things that might be impossible for us to do alone, but those things are possible with God. In times that you think you can’t handle things anymore, call for Him, ask His help, He’s merciful, He is the King of Mercy and He will help you. You just have to believe in Him and be humble enough to admit that without him you’re nothing.

So yeah, friends, blockmates and to everyone who was able to read this post. We have to keep ourselves going, ONE STEP AT A TIME. GOD BLESS! 🙂

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.”
— Mark 10:27

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Goal, Motivation and Inspiration.

For a person to succeed there are a lot of things that person must possesed or must be good at. And if you’re going to ask me to give a nice formula that can play a big role in reaching your success then I can think of three good things that will play a vital role in your journey to victory. Goal, inspiration and motivation.

Set your goals, a typical kind of goal answers the question why he/she must succeed (it can be because they need to get out of poverty, because of expectations for that person or any other reason that drives the person to succeed). Aside from that there’s another important thing that a person must aim in order to succeed. A person must aim to give back, success is not just about yourself, it’s also about others who help you while you’re still trying to reach for it. So you should have a goal that is to give back, to your parents who gave their unconditional love and support to you while you’re still trying to reach your own dreams, they gave you what you need and guide you all the way. To give back to your friends who lend their helping hands when you needed them in order for you to reach your dreams, those people who you’ve met on your journey, those people who by one way or another was able to help you to mold your own personality. And the most importantly to give back to God, the One who is responsible of putting people in to your life, to guide you, to help you and to mold you. It’s a must to give thanks to him, to give back to him by helping others. If you have a goal that aims to honor and to serve God then you’re in a good position to reach your dreams.

Motivation. I have two main sources of motivations my biological family and my brothers from another mother my brothers in economics. My family is my huge source of motivation simply because they are my pride, I want them to be proud of me and I owe them most everything of what I am and what I have today. They are the reason not only why I want to be successful but also they are the reason why I dream to achieve something at the first place. Next are my male blockmates, they are my brother in economics, friends for life and my mentors. Motivation for me? Yup. Why? Because we compete with each other. For what? Nothing just pride. And how can i call it my motivation? Simple because they challenge me to work hard to succeed, they are giving me a reason to work hard this very moment to achieve something. Without them? I will be the same me few years back, an under-achiever and complacent kid. Other Motivations? yes, little motivation from doubters because I love to prove them wrong when they didn’t believe in me, it just give me so much pleasure and I love proving them wrong.  Motivation by definition are the reasons why someone strive for something. It has a vital role because without it you can be the old me, complacent and under-achiever.

Inspiration. It is the process of being mentally stimulated to do something. It is the process that gives someone an interest to do something or an interest to strive to gain something. This time my inspiration won’t come from competitors nor doubters my inspiration are my good friends who are believing in my capabilities, people who have praised me because of my good performance that I didn’t even notice at first. They’re the source of my interest to continue to strive for more. They are my source of confidence and through them i learned the value of humility. Inspiration is a wonderful word, and a great thing. Having an inspiration is an awesome feeling that can keep you going on.

Goal, Motivation and Inspiration. These three beautiful things are all inside you, in your heart and in your mind. There are also factors that will affect you from outside like discipline and hard work but before you can achieve the things outside, you need first to (as one popular sports drink says,) WIN FROM WITHIN! GOD BLESS !

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Philippine Election 2013. We need educated voters.

One doesn’t have to be an expert to see how bad Philippine politics is, at least right now (3 issues will be the focus of this blog post: popular names dominating the senatorial surveys, election related violence and political dynasty). Now a little more than 2 weeks left before the midterm elections and the solution to clean our politics can start in May 13.

I believe the solution doesn’t depend on the leaders alone, the people also have their part, the voters, those who are entitled with the right to choose our leaders. This privilege to select our own leaders comes with a great responsibility to choose people you are going to vote as wise and clean as possible (if you know what i mean).

Popular names dominating the surveys! According to the latest sws and pulse-asia senatorial surveys there are some candidates who doesn’t have enough qualification/experience to run in a high elective post(with great responsibilities) that ranked too high in  surveys and those who are qualified and already have proved something didn’t even reach the winning circle of 12. Possibly the rankings depend on their popularity not their achievements and credentials. Thats probably because of their surname, of their popular name and people voted for the name not because they are worthy of their position. From there, we can see a big mistake, an error that the voters are committing because of irresponsible voting.

Election related violence! What are the possible causes of the said kind of violence? Hmm if you are going to think about it, some possible reasons are: because of candidates who are too desperate of the position trying to do everything to knock their opponents out of contention and/or candidates sending some message to their rival to be extra careful in fighting them. Why do I have to give some of the reasons here? Well because I want to point out that some of the candidates are too inlove with the power, the position which results in to violence. That attitude shows why they are no good for the post, if a person is willing to use dirty tricks just to win the position then that person doesn’t deserve the position, that person is not worthy of the post. The end of election related violence will come when we (the voters) choose the right person for the said position. We can be a part of the solution because putting the wrong person in a position will bring no good and worst can bring harm to the constituents of that person.

Political Dynasty! This problem has been tackled in a lot of senatorial debates and in news and current affair shows. Political dynasties in simple definition is a political condition wherein a family in a specific political district (area) is in control of almost all the elective post in the said area. It’s sad to know that in some of the poverty-stricken areas there are some families living comfortably, owning almost all of elective positions in their area and dominating the power giving sub-par efforts knowing that they don’t have to do much to secure their position. Political dynasty is definitely a problem in our country and it’s against our constitution but still very rampant in our country. The legislative wing of the government wasn’t able to pass a law about political dynasty because they can’t come up with the same definition of political dynasty. It will take a long time before they can pass a law about political dynasty especially many of them are part of political dynasties and right now we must try to end political dynasty in other possible way. If they are not performing well why do we have to support them? Voters from provinces with political dynasty must learn more, they have to be more educated in terms of the way they choose their candidates and they have to stop supporting those families. We can’t expect our legislator to pass a law about political dynasty quickly because it’s against the personal interest of many members of the legislative body. Therefore we should act now to beat political dynasty. We can’t let them monopolize the power because too much power possed by a family is scary. We have to stop them and now is the right time to do it.

THE NEED FOR EDUCATED VOTERS! A big solution for these problems are educated voters. Every voters should think wisely before voting, they shouldn’t vote according to popularity, advertistments or any other reasons without proper basis. We have to think, think and think even harder to help our country. Election day is fast-approaching, let us all be educated voters, let’s all be part of the thinking class. Yes voting is our right, it is a privilege and also it is a duty. Big duty for our country and we have to be ready for it.

Once again the time has come for us to help our country in a big way. It’s time for us to participate, to be wise and to dream for a better Philippines. Let’s do our part. God bless the Philippines.

“Be careful of the environment you choose for it will shape you; be careful with the friends you choose for you will become like them.” -W. Clement Stone

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When I was in college, I had a grand plan of how my life would turn out. I somehow thought that if I just did things right, I would become the “ultimate woman” by the time I turned 25.

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