Philippine Election 2013. We need educated voters.

One doesn’t have to be an expert to see how bad Philippine politics is, at least right now (3 issues will be the focus of this blog post: popular names dominating the senatorial surveys, election related violence and political dynasty). Now a little more than 2 weeks left before the midterm elections and the solution to clean our politics can start in May 13.

I believe the solution doesn’t depend on the leaders alone, the people also have their part, the voters, those who are entitled with the right to choose our leaders. This privilege to select our own leaders comes with a great responsibility to choose people you are going to vote as wise and clean as possible (if you know what i mean).

Popular names dominating the surveys! According to the latest sws and pulse-asia senatorial surveys there are some candidates who doesn’t have enough qualification/experience to run in a high elective post(with great responsibilities) that ranked too high in  surveys and those who are qualified and already have proved something didn’t even reach the winning circle of 12. Possibly the rankings depend on their popularity not their achievements and credentials. Thats probably because of their surname, of their popular name and people voted for the name not because they are worthy of their position. From there, we can see a big mistake, an error that the voters are committing because of irresponsible voting.

Election related violence! What are the possible causes of the said kind of violence? Hmm if you are going to think about it, some possible reasons are: because of candidates who are too desperate of the position trying to do everything to knock their opponents out of contention and/or candidates sending some message to their rival to be extra careful in fighting them. Why do I have to give some of the reasons here? Well because I want to point out that some of the candidates are too inlove with the power, the position which results in to violence. That attitude shows why they are no good for the post, if a person is willing to use dirty tricks just to win the position then that person doesn’t deserve the position, that person is not worthy of the post. The end of election related violence will come when we (the voters) choose the right person for the said position. We can be a part of the solution because putting the wrong person in a position will bring no good and worst can bring harm to the constituents of that person.

Political Dynasty! This problem has been tackled in a lot of senatorial debates and in news and current affair shows. Political dynasties in simple definition is a political condition wherein a family in a specific political district (area) is in control of almost all the elective post in the said area. It’s sad to know that in some of the poverty-stricken areas there are some families living comfortably, owning almost all of elective positions in their area and dominating the power giving sub-par efforts knowing that they don’t have to do much to secure their position. Political dynasty is definitely a problem in our country and it’s against our constitution but still very rampant in our country. The legislative wing of the government wasn’t able to pass a law about political dynasty because they can’t come up with the same definition of political dynasty. It will take a long time before they can pass a law about political dynasty especially many of them are part of political dynasties and right now we must try to end political dynasty in other possible way. If they are not performing well why do we have to support them? Voters from provinces with political dynasty must learn more, they have to be more educated in terms of the way they choose their candidates and they have to stop supporting those families. We can’t expect our legislator to pass a law about political dynasty quickly because it’s against the personal interest of many members of the legislative body. Therefore we should act now to beat political dynasty. We can’t let them monopolize the power because too much power possed by a family is scary. We have to stop them and now is the right time to do it.

THE NEED FOR EDUCATED VOTERS! A big solution for these problems are educated voters. Every voters should think wisely before voting, they shouldn’t vote according to popularity, advertistments or any other reasons without proper basis. We have to think, think and think even harder to help our country. Election day is fast-approaching, let us all be educated voters, let’s all be part of the thinking class. Yes voting is our right, it is a privilege and also it is a duty. Big duty for our country and we have to be ready for it.

Once again the time has come for us to help our country in a big way. It’s time for us to participate, to be wise and to dream for a better Philippines. Let’s do our part. God bless the Philippines.

“Be careful of the environment you choose for it will shape you; be careful with the friends you choose for you will become like them.” -W. Clement Stone

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2 thoughts on “Philippine Election 2013. We need educated voters.

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  2. I agree with the points you make in this post, I am not Filipino, but had the fortune to visit the Philippines back in 2010 when the previous election was on. I made a short 10 minute film about my experiences during election time, which might be of interest:

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