Goal, Motivation and Inspiration.

For a person to succeed there are a lot of things that person must possesed or must be good at. And if you’re going to ask me to give a nice formula that can play a big role in reaching your success then I can think of three good things that will play a vital role in your journey to victory. Goal, inspiration and motivation.

Set your goals, a typical kind of goal answers the question why he/she must succeed (it can be because they need to get out of poverty, because of expectations for that person or any other reason that drives the person to succeed). Aside from that there’s another important thing that a person must aim in order to succeed. A person must aim to give back, success is not just about yourself, it’s also about others who help you while you’re still trying to reach for it. So you should have a goal that is to give back, to your parents who gave their unconditional love and support to you while you’re still trying to reach your own dreams, they gave you what you need and guide you all the way. To give back to your friends who lend their helping hands when you needed them in order for you to reach your dreams, those people who you’ve met on your journey, those people who by one way or another was able to help you to mold your own personality. And the most importantly to give back to God, the One who is responsible of putting people in to your life, to guide you, to help you and to mold you. It’s a must to give thanks to him, to give back to him by helping others. If you have a goal that aims to honor and to serve God then you’re in a good position to reach your dreams.

Motivation. I have two main sources of motivations my biological family and my brothers from another mother my brothers in economics. My family is my huge source of motivation simply because they are my pride, I want them to be proud of me and I owe them most everything of what I am and what I have today. They are the reason not only why I want to be successful but also they are the reason why I dream to achieve something at the first place. Next are my male blockmates, they are my brother in economics, friends for life and my mentors. Motivation for me? Yup. Why? Because we compete with each other. For what? Nothing just pride. And how can i call it my motivation? Simple because they challenge me to work hard to succeed, they are giving me a reason to work hard this very moment to achieve something. Without them? I will be the same me few years back, an under-achiever and complacent kid. Other Motivations? yes, little motivation from doubters because I love to prove them wrong when they didn’t believe in me, it just give me so much pleasure and I love proving them wrong.  Motivation by definition are the reasons why someone strive for something. It has a vital role because without it you can be the old me, complacent and under-achiever.

Inspiration. It is the process of being mentally stimulated to do something. It is the process that gives someone an interest to do something or an interest to strive to gain something. This time my inspiration won’t come from competitors nor doubters my inspiration are my good friends who are believing in my capabilities, people who have praised me because of my good performance that I didn’t even notice at first. They’re the source of my interest to continue to strive for more. They are my source of confidence and through them i learned the value of humility. Inspiration is a wonderful word, and a great thing. Having an inspiration is an awesome feeling that can keep you going on.

Goal, Motivation and Inspiration. These three beautiful things are all inside you, in your heart and in your mind. There are also factors that will affect you from outside like discipline and hard work but before you can achieve the things outside, you need first to (as one popular sports drink says,) WIN FROM WITHIN! GOD BLESS !

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